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Jonathan Sessler, who was recently named UT Austin's Inventor of the Year, is well known for his innovative contributions, which have spanned several decades on this campus. A cancer survivor himself, he developed a class of molecules, texaphyrins, that hold promise to treat future cancer patients. Together with the doctor who helped him recover from lymphoma, Dr. Sessler co-founded a company, Pharmacyclics, which later was responsible for a new blockbuster drug for blood cancer. 

Dr. Sessler is an excellent example of the entrepreneurial spirit and world-changing abilities of our UT Austin chemists. That spirit is one reason that The University of Texas at Austin ranks 13th worldwide for chemistry in U.S. News and World Report's most recent Best Global Universities rankings. Watch the video below about Dr. Sessler and read more about his work, and other news of the department in our newsletters, which we share with supporters who make us a science education leader and a hub for discovery and innovation that changes the world.


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