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Graeme A Henkelman

Professor, Core Faculty
Department of Chemistry, Oden Institute

George W. Watt Centennial Professorship


Phone: 512-769-3180

Office Location
WEL 3.426

Postal Address
105 E 24TH ST
AUSTIN, TX 78712

B.S., Queen's University, Canada (1996)
Ph.D., University of Washington (2001)

Postdoctorate, Los Alamos National Laboratory (2002-2004)


Computational Algorithms For Modeling Chemical Reactions And Kinetic Processes In Materials At The Atomic Scale

Our interest is to understand the mechanism and rate of chemical reactions and the dynamics of molecular systems. We focus on the development of new computational algorithms for finding reaction pathways and extending the time scale of simulations beyond what can be simulated directly with molecular dynamics. These methods allow us to investigate reactions at surfaces, novel catalysts, and battery materials. More information can be found on our group website.

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