Welch Hall and Norman Hackerman Building Organic Conference Rooms

For Welch Hall and NHB conference rooms please check the calendar for availability and then email conferencerooms@cm.utexas.edu with your name, email address, event name, room number, date, and time. You will receive a confirmation once the reservation is finalized. 

Please note these conference rooms are for the exclusive use of the Department of Chemistry and Welch residents.

Room keys are picked up by the reservation holder from WEL 5.131 7am - 6pm Monday-Thursday and 1pm - 5pm on Friday.

2.122 Convocation Center
Capacity: 231 - Media: full media console

2.122front 2.122back

3.134 Conference Room
Capacity: 14 table seats, 12 side seats

3.134 Front 3.134 Back

4.132B Old Library (limited availablity after Summer 2017)
Capacity: 40 - Media: projector and screen

4.132b 4.132b

4.308 Department Conference Room

Not available after June 1, 2017
Capacity: 12 - Media: projector and screen

4.308 Front 4.308 Back

5.330 Organic Conference Room

Not available after June 1, 2017
Capacity: 10 table seats, 7 side seats - Media: projector and screen

5.330 Front 5.330 Back

Welch Grand Hall

Not available after June 1, 2017

To reserve the Grand Hall, please complete the agreement form and submit it with your request. 

WEL Grand Hall WEL Grand Hall WEL Grand Hall

Welch Patio

To reserve the Welch patio, please complete the agreement form and submit it with your request. 

Patio1 Patio2

NHB 5.202 Large Organic Conference Room
Capacity: 20 - Media: projector and screen

5.202left 5.202right

NHB 5.510 Corner Conference Room
Capacity: 6

5.510back 5.510front


Mallet Chemistry Library Conference Room Reservations

Not available after May 15, 2017.

WEL 2.132H - Small Conference Room
Capacity: 8 table seats - Media: flat screen wall monitor

library3 library4

WEL 2.132J - Large Conference Room
Capacity: 12 table seats - Media: overheard projector and screen

Library1 Library2