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SSD Accommodations

For students who have registered with The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities and have received dispensation for accommodated exams.

Register for SSD Accommodations

SSD Exam Guidelines & Instructions:

  1. Our testing center can only accommodate students for exams in Chemistry and Biochemistry courses.  Any exam for other departments’ courses must be scheduled through their department or the SSD Office.
  2. You may use this online form to schedule either a single exam or all your exams for the semester.  To schedule exams for multiple dates please select “Recurring…” when choosing your first exam date, followed by “Choose additional time.”  Please keep in mind that space in our testing center is very limited and fills up quickly.  Sign up for all your exam dates as soon as possible to ensure that we will be able to accommodate you.
  3. The scheduling system has dynamic availability – as students sign up for a particular time slot the system will block off full testing times.  If your preferred testing time is unavailable on the online system, it means the time slot has filled up and no spots are available then.  Please select a different available time.
  4. Online scheduling for finals will begin during the last two weeks of class during the Fall & Spring semesters, and during the last week of class during the summer sessions.
  5. If your SSD letter is not already on file with our office or received by our office within 2 weeks of making your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled.
  6. Unless otherwise given permission by your instructor, your exam must be scheduled in our office for the same day as the scheduled exam time.
  7. Once your appointment is scheduled you will receive a confirmation email detailing the time and room of your exam.  24 hours prior to the scheduled exam time you will receive one email and one text message reminder.
  8. We will do our best to accommodate your original request, however our office reserves the right to reschedule you based on your class schedule, your instructor’s preference, and our needs.  If a change does occur, you will receive an email notification.
  9. If you miss your scheduled appointment in the testing center you will be marked as a “no-show” in our system.  After more than 1 occurrence we will reserve the right to cancel your future appointments to free up your spot for other students.  Same-day cancellations will be considered a “no-show.”

When you have finished reading the above guidelines and instructions click here to begin scheduling your exams.


4-6pm Alternate Exam Guidelines & InstructionS

For students who are unable to attend the uniform 7-9pm exam time for their General or Organic Chemistry lecture course.

Register for the 4-6pm Alternative Exam Time

4-6pm Alternate Exam Guidelines & Instructions:

  1. The 4-6pm exam is offered as an alternative to the regularly schedule 7-9pm uniform exam time for students with time conflicts (work, class, ROTC, band, etc.)
  2. This form is for Chemistry alternate exam scheduling only. Any exam scheduled for other departments’ (biochemistry, math, biology, etc.) courses must be done through their department.
  3. The Chemistry Department can only offer an alternative exam for midterm exams. We are unable to accommodate time conflicts for any other assignments (e.g. quizzes).
  4. This form can only be used for scheduling a seat in the 4-6pm alternative exam time. If you are unable to attend neither the 7-9pm uniform exam, nor the 4-6pm alternate exam, and you have extenuating circumstances (travel for sports team, death in the family, makeup exam for illness, etc.), you must get approval from your instructor and come by our office in person to schedule a make up exam. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  5. Please look at your course syllabus and determine every exam during the semester that you will potentially have a conflict. Please sign up for all exams that you know you will have a time conflict with.
  6. We require at least 48 hours notice to sign up for the 4-6pm alternative exam.
  7. If you sign up for the alternative exam and later determine that you can make the 7-9pm exam, or you no longer wish to take it from 4-6pm, please let us know by phone or email immediately. If you do not inform us, there is a chance your exam will not be at the 7-9pm exam room, and you will be unable to take your exam.

When you have finished reading the above guidelines and instructions click here to begin scheduling your exams.