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News and Highlights

From the Chemistry Department

Edward Briceno Receives NIH NIGMS Research Supplement

Congratulations to graduate student Edward Briceno of the Krische Group, recipient of an NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research. The Diversity Supplements Program is designed to facilitate the recruitment and training of promising scientists from diverse backgrounds.

Jonathan Sessler Elected as Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Jonathan Sessler has been elected as a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Foreign Members are elected based on contribution to the cause of science and technology in China and who possess high academic standing internationally.

NuvoNuro Receives HEAL grant

NuvoNuro, a company recently co-founded by Professor Stephen Martin based upon his research at UT, has received a major NIH Helping to End Addiction Long-term® (HEAL) Initiative grant. The grant is part of the research program Development and Optimization of Non-Addictive Therapies to Treat Pain and NuvoNuro is on...

Henry Cater to Participate in Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium

Graduate student Henry Cater of the Page Group has been selected to participate in the Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc (POLY) Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium at the American Chemical Society Spring 2024 Meeting. The symposium recognizes outstanding graduate students in polymer science and engineering.  ...

Emmie Stumbo Receives Safety Fellowship

Graduate student Emmie Stumbo of the Rose Group is the recipient of the 2023 Safety-First Leadership Fellowship. This $3,000 fellowship supports an initiative to foster a culture of lab safety within the Department of Chemistry. It is awarded to one graduate student per year based on a safety proposal competition.

Chemistry Graduate Student Awards Showcase 2023

CHEMISTRY GRADUATE STUDENT FELLOWSHIP SHOWCASE 2023 Awards received from August 2022-August 2023 Mehroz Ahmed (Sessler Group) Provost’s Graduate Excellence Fellowship Reena Al-Mualem (Baiz Group) Chemistry Department Graduate Excellence Award Graduate School Continuing Bruton Fellowship Provost’s Graduate Excellence Fellowship Eman Alasadi (Bai...

Diana Zamora-Olivares Receives Stanley J. Roux, Jr. Excellence in Experiential Teaching Award

Assistant Professor of Practice Diana Zamora-Olivares, affiliated with the Freshmen Research Initiative, has been selected for the 2023 Stanley J. Roux, Jr. Excellence in Experiential Teaching Award. This CNS teaching award recognizes excellence in providing experiential learning opportunities for students through research and hands-on engagement.

Lynn Stevens Receives POLY Graduate Student Travel Award

Graduate student Lynn Stevens of the Zak Page Group is a recipient of the American Chemical Society Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc Graduate Student Travel Award. The award provides funding for travel to the ACS national meeting and recipients are recognized at the POLY/PMSE awards symposium.

Devleena Samanta and Pedro Metola Receive Teaching Excellence Award

Assistant Professor Devleena Samanta and Assistant Professor of Practice Pedro Metola are recipients of the College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award. This award recognizes excellence among the College's many exceptional faculty who are committed to teaching at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Ken Hsu Founder of New Biotech Company

Ken Hsu is scientific founder of a new startup biotech company that launched this week with $56M in seed financing. Hyku Biosciences aims to develop covalent oncology drugs based on advancing Hsu’s sulfur–triazole exchange (SuTEx) chemistry. https://www.hykubiosciences.com/news-media/press-release-9-19-23

Yi-Chih Lin Receives NIH Maximizing Investigators' Research Award

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Yi-Chih Lin, recipient of a five-year NIH Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (MIRA) grant titled, “Real-time structural and functional studies of SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins." This $1.95M grant will support Dr. Lin's research in developing a cutting-edge structural imaging technique, high-speed atomic forc...

Muhammad Waqas Ishaq Named Provost’s Early Career Fellow

Muhammad Waqas Ishaq, postdoctoral fellow in the Callmann Group, has been named a UT Austin Provost’s Early Career Fellow. The training program supports postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in their pursuit of attaining academic positions at top tier institutions.

Danielle Nestler Receives 2022-2023 College of Natural Sciences Staff Excellence Award

Administrative Manager Danielle Nestler is a receipient of the 2022-2023 College of Natural Sciences Staff Excellence Award. CNS Staff excellence awards recognize members of our community who go above and beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of their job with outstanding dedication, competence, resourcefulness and customer service. Recipient...

SuTEx chemistry provides a path towards pharmacological control of biomolecular condensates

A new study from the Hsu Lab in collaboration with colleagues at Princeton report the discovery of small molecules capable of controlling cellular levels of membraneless subcellular compartments known as processing-bodies (PBs) and stress granules (SGs). PBs and SGs are cytoplasmic ribonucleoprotein granules that are part of a larger family of stru...

Faculty and Staff Honored by Natural Sciences Council

Carolyn Lum, Eric Anslyn, and Brent Iverson will be honored at this year's Faculty and Staff Appreciation Banquet hosted by the Natural Sciences Council's Student Faculty Committee.  Senior Academic Advisor Carolyn Lum is a recipient of the Natural Sciences Foundation Advising Excellence Award. This award recognizes an advisor w...

Kevin Zhou & Kevin Xiong Receive the College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Honored Graduate Award

Undergraduates Kevin Zhou (Page Group) and Kevin Xiong (Roberts Group) are recipients of the 2023 College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Honored Graduate Award. The highest honor a CNS student can earn, this title is awarded to approximately 25-30 students a year, representing the top 1% of each spring’s graduating class. Kevin Zhou ...

Arthur Chavez wins 2023 President's Outstanding Staff Award

Senior Procurement Officer, Arthur Chavez has been named the winner of a 2023 President's Outstanding Staff Award. This prestigious honor comes with a cash award and Arthur will be recognized by the President of the University at a ceremony in late spring.

Eliezer Ortiz Awarded University Graduate Continuing Fellowship

Graduate student Eliezer Ortiz of the Krische Group is a recipient of the University Graduate Continuing Fellowship. The University Graduate Continuing Fellowship is based on the student’s record since coming to UT. It includes a stipend of $35,000 for 12 months, health insurance assistance and tuition assistance that pays the cost of in-state...

Aja Nicely Receives 3rd Annual Rising Black Scientist Awards Honorable Mention

Graduate student Aja Nicely of the Hull Group has been selected by Cell Press as a Rising Black Scientist Awards honorable mention. Her essay, “Dismantling the curse of the ‘First’," appears in the journal iScience.  The Rising Black Scientist Awards were created in 2020 to break down barriers and create opportunities by providing visibil...

Hang Ren Receives Scialog: Negative Emissions Science Award

Assistant Professor Hang Ren is a recipient of the Scialog: Negative Emissions Science Award, which aims to catalyze advances to make removal of CO2 & other greenhouse gases more efficient, affordable and scalable. Ren is part of a team working on "Robust Scalable Multifunctional Electrode for CO2 Reduction and C-C Coupling in Seawater."&n...