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Que, Emily

Emily Que

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry


Phone: 512-471-4490

Office Location
WEL 4.156A

Postal Address
105 E 24TH ST
AUSTIN, TX 78712

BS, University of Minnesota, 2004

PhD, University of California Berkeley, 2009

Postdoctoral Studies, Northwestern University, 2009-present

Bioinorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Research in the Que lab is centered in bioinorganic chemistry and chemical biology. Our interdisciplinary research bridges the fields of coordination chemistry, synthetic chemistry, and chemical biology to gain a molecular understanding of biological processes including those in cancer and reproductive biology. We seek to develop small molecule imaging tools based on both organic and metal complex platforms that can be used for visualizing cellular processes in single cells, tissues, and whole organisms using a number of imaging modalities including fluorescence microscopy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In addition, chemical tools and methods will be developed to help us gain a quantitative understanding of how metal ions function in cells during key cellular transitions.

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ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Young Investigator Award, 2010