Simon M Humphrey

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry

Phone: 512-471-0312

Office Location
WEL 4.428

Postal Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Chemistry Department
2506 Speedway STOP A5300
Austin, TX 78712

MChem, University of East Anglia, Norwich (2002)
Ph.D., University of Cambridge (2005)
Post-Doctoral Scholar, University of California, Berkeley (2005-2007)
Research Fellow, St John's College, Cambridge (2006-2009)

S. M. Humphrey, P. K. Allan, S. E. Oungoulian, M. S. Ironside, E. R. Wise "Metal-Organophosphine and Metal-Organophosphonium Frameworks with Layered Honeycomb-like Structures" Dalton Transactions 13 (2009): 2298-2305.

S. M. Humphrey, S. E. Oungoulian, Y. K. Hwang, E. R. Wise, J. W. Yoong, J.-S. Chang "Hysteretic Sorption of Light Gases by a Porous Metal-Organic Framework Containing Tris (p-Carboxylated) Triphenylphosphine Oxide" Chemical Communications (2008): 2891-2893.

S. M. Humphrey, J.-S. Chang, S. H. Jhung, J. W. Yoon, P. T. Wood "Porous Cobalt(II)-Organic Frameworks with Corrugated Walls: Robust Gas-Sorption Materials" Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (2007): 272-275.

S. M. Humphrey, M. E. Grass, S. E. Habas, K. Niesz, G. A. Somorjai, T. D. Tilley "Rhodium Nanoparticles from Cluster Seeds: Control of Size and Shape by Precursor Addition Rate" Nano Letters 7 (2007): 785-790.

S. M. Humphrey, A. Alberola, C. J. Gómez García, P. T. Wood "A New Co(II) Coordination Solid with Mixed Oxygen, Carboxylate, Pyridine and Thiolate Donors Exhibiting Canted Antiferromagnetism with Tc≈68 K" Chemical Communications (2006): 1607-1609.