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A fleet of eight spectrometers, maintained by two full-time PhD spectroscopists and funded by the Department of Chemistry, is offered for the research and teaching interests of the University of Texas at Austin. These instruments provide a wide range of liquid and solid state NMR experiments suitable for structure elucidation, purity analysis, conformation determination, reaction kinetics etc... Six of these instruments are open-access and available for general operation after completion of a basic training session by members of the University.  Advanced training is available on JiT (Just-in-Time) basis.

Staff run NMR studies may also be requested (Please use this sample request form).   

Facility charge-back fee for all NMR time is $5/hr.    


The NMR Facilities are housed on campus by the Norman Hackerman Building (NHB) in rms 0.230 and 5.342. Six open-access spectrometers are available 24x7, limited only by the security and rules of the building and university in general.   

Facility staff are nominally available 9-5 daily in one of the labs or office (see below). Email, text and chat communication channels are encouraged.  


Three open-access spectrometers are located on the 5th floor of NHB room 5.342. These are all 400MHz single sample systems. Three more open-access instruments are located in the basement of NHB room 0.230. These are comprised of a 400MHz with multiple sample automation, a 500MHz for single samples, and a 500MHz with multiple sample automation and a high sensitivity probe.  

The NMR Facility employs an on-line scheduling server FACES, operated by the University of Geogia, to streamline instrument usage for our single sample walk-up systems. Reservation rules and a link to the FACES signup are on the Facility's Reserve Instrument time page.  

The open-access spectrometers are complemented by two staff operated (mostly) NMR's. NHB rm 0.230 houses a 400MHz system reserved for solid state or high power diffusion experiments and a 600MHz system reserved for staff and expert users.  

Offline NMR processing and reporting software is also available. The Department of Chemistry maintains an site license for MNOVA, a commercial class NMR software suite developed by Mestrelab Research. All NMR data files collected by Facility spectrometers are available via FTP server.  



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