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From the Chemistry Department

Guangbin Dong Named One of DuPont's 2014 Class of Young Professors

Dr. Guangbin Dong has been named one of DuPont's 2014 Class of Young Professors as part of its corporate efforts to recognize innovative research.


The DuPont Young Professor program is designed to help promising young and untenured research faculty who work in areas of interest to DuPont begin their research careers.  One of the most sustained corporate programs for academic research, the program has spanned over four decades, providing over $50 million in grants to nearly 700 young professors in nearly 140 institutions in 14 countries since 1968.


Research interests within the class of 2014 Young Professors represent key components of DuPont science, and include promising research in the fields of plant biology and reproduction, biotechnology, microfluidics, nanoscience, materials science and organic chemistry.


Source: http://www.dupont.com/corporate-functions/news-and-events/all-releases.html

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