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News and Highlights

From the Chemistry Department

Henry Cater to Participate in Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium

caterGraduate student Henry Cater of the Page Group has been selected to participate in the Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc (POLY) Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium at the American Chemical Society Spring 2024 Meeting. The symposium recognizes outstanding graduate students in polymer science and engineering. 

Cater will participate in the symposium oral sessions, presenting a talk titled "Supersoft Thermoplastic Elastomers with High Strength and Upper Service Temperature."


Creating elastomers with skin-like softness typically comes at the expense of low strength and ease of rupture. We have used ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) to access recyclable materials with tissue-like softness, but that still possess strength rivaling everyday commercial elastomers. These "life-like" plastics may find application in next-generation materials for soft robotics or wearable electronics that interface with the human body. We also designed the material to be versatile. An additional benefit is that these materials can be heated up to 270 °C before they lose structural integrity.

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