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From the Chemistry Department

Page Group Research Featured in ARO Year In Review

gyroid 02Work from the Page Group on visible light 3D printing was identified as a "Success Story" in the 2020 Army Research Office (ARO) Year In Review. This document provides an annual historical record of ARO funded programs during the 2020 fiscal year, during which the Page Group was supported through the Short Term Innovative Research (STIR) Program under the Program Manager for Reactive Chemical Systems, Dr. Dawanne Poree. Dr. Poree wrote that "this ARO initiative resulted in a rapid and precise 3D printing method that uses visible light, opening the door to next-generation designer materials manufacturing". The Page Group is excited to continue these research efforts towards faster and higher resolution printing using longer wavelengths of visible-to-near infrared light and exposure of multiple colors of light simultaneously to access next generation soft materials.

Yi-Chih Lin Joining Department
Cassandra Callmann Joining Department

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