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From the Chemistry Department

Carlos Baiz and Mike Rose Receive DOE Office of Science Grants

baiz  roseCongratulations to Associate Professors Carlos Baiz and Mike Rose who have received grants from the US Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences. Dr. Baiz’s grant is titled, "Ultrafast Chemistry in Confined Environments: Understanding the role of H-bond dynamics” and will support his research in the area of electrocatalytic reaction mechanisms under confinement in collaboration with Assistant Professor Hang Ren. Dr. Rose’s grant is titled, “Elucidating Design Principles of Semiconductor|Molecule Electronic Coupling for Improved Photoelectrochemical Function” and will support his research in the area of how controlling the electronic coupling between surface molecules and semiconductors can improve solar to hydrogen efficiencies.

Connor Saludares Receives NIH Research Supplement
Hang Ren Receives MIRA Grant

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