Information about the program

Undergraduate students can apply to be a Peer Learning Assistant in one of our lower division chemistry courses, including CH301, CH302, CH304K, and CH305. Students that succeed in the program have a good general knowledge of CH301 and CH302 concepts and are comfortable approaching and talking to other students. To be considered for a position in the program, potential learning assistants will need to have good grades in their own general chemistry courses, have a positive letter of recommendation, and submit all forms by the required deadline, which is generally a couple of weeks before registration for the following long semester.

Learning assistants serve in our classrooms, assisting students with the concepts and course material. They also register for CH372C and attend those class meetings. Class meetings focus on preparation for the class they are serving in and professional development centered on topics such as facilitating discussion, questioning techniques, ethics, and leadership. After a successful year in the program, learning assistants can apply for a paid position within the program.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Stacy Sparks at  Application details are below.

Application procedures

Potential Learning Assistants should:

  1. Have room in their schedule for CH372C. (We will register you for the course upon acceptance to the program.)
  2. Have time in their schedule for the CH372C coursework (about the same amount of time as for a typical 3 hour course) and time to serve in one of our CH301, 302, 304K, or 305 sections.
  3. Submit the PLA application. Email the completed application to
  4. Submit one recommendation form from a professor, TA, Senior Learning Assistant, or employer.