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Information about the program

Undergraduate students can apply to be a Learning Assistant in CH301, CH302, CH320M, or CH320N. Students that succeed in the program have a strong desire to build their communication, leadership, and mentoring abilities and to further their understanding of chemistry concepts. To be considered for the program, learning assistants must have completed CH302 (for gen chem LAs), and CH320N (for ochem LAs) with at least a B average and must submit an application by the required deadline (see below). 

As a Learning Assistant (LA) in our General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry courses, you are a part of our teaching team. LAs assist students with activities and questions during class, in office hours, and/or in problem sessions. All LAs enroll in CH308. CH308 class meetings focus on chemistry content review to ensure LAs are confident in the material they will be assisting with in class and on professional development centered on topics such as facilitating discussion, questioning techniques, communication skills, ethics, and leadership. The course carries the ethics flag.

The LA program requires a time commitment of roughly 10 hours a week: 3 hours in a general or organic chemistry course, 2 hours in CH308, 1 hour of office hour or problem session time, and up to 2-4 hours of preparatory time. Total time will vary topic to topic and from LA to LA. The skills you learn as a part of this program can be a springboard to other on-campus student educator positions.   

The LA program is an experiential learning opportunity for students who are interested in strengthening their chemistry content knowledge and their communication, teaching, and leadership skills.  The LA position is not a paid position; LAs receive course credit. If you have questions about the program, please contact Dr. Stacy Sparks (ssparks@cm.utexas.edu) or Dr. Andrei Straumanis (andrei.straumanis@austin.utexas.edu).  

information for the Fall 2024 chemistry LA program

All LAs must be available to enroll in and attend CH308, which meets MW 1-1:50 pm.  This course is offered on a pass/fail basis and carries the ethics flag.

The deadline for applications is March 27, 2024.

Application for General Chemistry LA positions

Application for Organic Chemistry LA positions