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News and Highlights

From the Chemistry Department

Page Group Research Featured in ARO Year In Review

Work from the Page Group on visible light 3D printing was identified as a "Success Story" in the 2020 Army Research Office (ARO) Year In Review. This document provides an annual historical record of ARO funded programs during the 2020 fiscal year, during which the Page Group was supported through the Short Term Innovative Research (STIR) Progr...

Yi-Chih Lin Joining Department

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce that Yi-Chih Lin will join the University of Texas at Austin in Fall 2021 as an assistant professor. Dr. Lin received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Zahra Fakhraai. He went on to a postdoctoral position in Simon Scheuring’s laboratory at the Weill Cornell Med...

Paul McCord Receives Course Affordability Award

Associate Professor of Instruction Paul McCord received the 2021 Course Affordability Award, granted by the Natural Sciences Council. This award is entirely nominated, selected, and awarded by students. CNS faculty and staff who have won student-nominated awards are honored at the annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation Banquet he...

Deborah Walker Receives Faculty Innovation Center Undergraduate Teaching Grant

Associate Professor of Instruction Deborah Walker received a Faculty Innovation Center Undergraduate Teaching Grant for her proposal titled, “Building Self-Regulation via Mindset & Feedback in Exam Wrappers." Dr. Walker's project aims to educate students about study skills and elevate the effective use of exam wrappers (strategies and exercises...

Zak Page Receives 2021 RadLaunch Award

Assistant Professor Zak Page was honored with a 2021 RadLaunch Award sponsored by RadTech, the nonprofit for UV+EB technology. Zak was selected for his innovative high resolution stereolithographic 3D printing technology for multi-color visible light additive manufacturing.