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From the Chemistry Department

Michael Rose Awarded Funding For Outreach Program

The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation has funded Professor Michael Rose to develop and expand an outreach program called "H2 from H2O: A Water-Splitting Outreach Kit for High School Chemistry Students." The program is designed to bring hands-on laboratory experience to local and regional high school chemistry classrooms, and to raise awareness about the important role played by chemists in developing sustainable sources of energy for the 21st century. Details about the program are available on Prof. Rose's website at http://www.roseresearchgroup.org/outreach/


The Dreyfus Foundation Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences provides funding for innovative projects in any area consistent with the Foundation's broad objective to advance the chemical sciences.


Two 10-electrostation kits used in the loan-out program (no charge, all reagents and supplies included) to local middle and high school teachers: lesson plans, electrostations, electrode assemblies and the solar panel demo unit.

Local middle school teachers and students are making H2 using sunlight! (Caltech)












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