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News and Highlights

From the Chemistry Department

Faculty and Staff Honored by Natural Sciences Council

Carolyn Lum, Eric Anslyn, and Brent Iverson will be honored at this year's Faculty and Staff Appreciation Banquet hosted by the Natural Sciences Council's Student Faculty Committee.  Senior Academic Advisor Carolyn Lum is a recipient of the Natural Sciences Foundation Advising Excellence Award. This award recognizes an advisor w...

Collection Published in Honor of Eric Anslyn

In honor of Professor Eric Anslyn's 60th birthday, ChemComm (Chemical Communications) published a collection of articles titled, "The Mechanics of Supramolecular Chemistry." The collection was edited by Professor Tony James, Professor Jonathan Sessler and Professor Bruce Gibb.  

Chemistry Graduate Students Win First and Third Place in P&G Poster Competition

Congratulations to graduate students Marta Sans and Igor Kolesnichenko, winners in the 2016 P&G Poster Competition. Marta Sans and her winning posterMarta (Eberlin Group) placed first and will receive $1,000 and a trophy for her poster, “Molecular markers of serous ovarian cancer aggressiveness and surgical outcome by ambient ionization mass sp...

Click and Declick of Amine and Thiol Coupling Reaction

  (Phys.org)—A group of researchers from the University of Texas have developed a sequential, two-step amine and thiol coupling reaction via click chemistry using a derivative of Meldrum's acid. This reaction is reversible using what the authors term a "declick" reaction, and the original amine and thiol can be retrieved. Their work appears in...

Eric Anslyn Receives MSMLG 2016 Czarnik Award

  Congratulations to Professor Eric Anslyn, recipient of the 2016 Molecular Sensors and Molecular Logic gates (MSMLG) Czarnik Award. The 5th Molecular Sensors and Molecular Logic Gates (MSMLG) symposium will be held in Bath, England as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations at the University of Bath. Anslyn will del...

Congratulations to our Safety Madness Winners

Following a round of student led lab safety inspections, winners have been selected for our "Measures" and "Makers" conference brackets. The Roberts group takes home the final prize for the “Measurers” conference and the Anslyn group wins the “Makers” conference. Each group has earned a $200 gift card for their lab for showing excellent lab safety....

Safety Madness Final Four

The Safety Madness Final Four has been decided!   Congratulations to the Anslyn, Brodbelt, Humphrey, and Roberts groups for advancing to the final four.  Each group will receive a $100 gift card for demonstrating excellent safety in their labs.   The next round features Anslyn vs. Humphrey and Brodbelt vs. Roberts.  Stay tun...

Eric Anslyn Receives 2013 Edward Leete Award

Professor Eric Anslyn has received the Edward Leete Award from the Organic Division of the American Chemical Society. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to teaching and research in Organic Chemistry. The award is named in honor of Edward Leete who, through his contributions to science and education, fostered an appreciation and love for...

Eric Anslyn receives Izatt Christensen Award for Macrocyclic Chemistry

Professor Eric Anslyn has been selected to receive the Izatt Christensen Award for Macrocyclic Chemistry which is funded by IBC Advanced Technologies.  Dr. Anslyn will be presented with the award at the 8th annual International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry in Washington DC in July.

UT Austin Chemistry Graduate Students Selected to be Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC) for the 2014 Spring National ACS Meeting

Congratulations to Rebecca Anderson (Rossky group), Netz Arroyo (Bard group), Shawn Blumberg (Martin group), Victoria Cotham (Brodbelt group), Katharine Diehl (Anslyn group), and Alex Gade (Anslyn group). These six Chemistry graduate students have been selected as the Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC) for the 2014 Spring Nationa...