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From the Chemistry Department
Michael Krische Appointed Honorary Member of the Israel Chemical Society

Michael Krische Appointed Honorary Member of the Israel Chemical Society

The Israel Chemical Society (ICS) has awarded honorary membership in the society to Professor Michael Krische.The ICS is dedicated to the advancement of pure and applied chemistry, both nationally and internationally. 

Eli Ortiz Receives NIH Fellowship

Graduate student Eli Ortiz is the recipient of a 2-year NIH diversity predoctoral fellowship to conduct research pertaining to the synthesis of anti-viral polyketide natural products with activity against coronavirus in the laboratory of Professor Michael J. Krische.

Diego Granados Receives GCURS Outstanding Presentation in Green Chemistry Award

Undergraduate Diego Granados of the Krische Group recently participated in the Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium (GCURS) hosted annually by Rice University. Diego's talk titled, "Enantioselective Conversion of Ethanol, a Renewable C2-Feedstock, to Higher Branched Alcohols via Iridium-Catalyzed Hydrogen Transfer" received the award fo...

Nancy Huynh Participating in Pfizer Organic Chemistry Symposium

Graduate student Nancy Huynh of the Krische Group has been invited to participate in the Pfizer Organic Chemistry Symposium on Tuesday, November 10th. Nancy's research talk is titled, "Enantioselective Ruthenium-Catalyzed Benzocyclobutenone-Ketol Cycloaddition & Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Arenimycin A" and is summarized b...

Michael Krische Receives ACS Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Professor Michael Krische is the recipient of the 2020 American Chemical Society Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. This award recognizes creative work in synthetic organic chemistry and   

Seung Wook Kim Receives Korean American Society in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals Fellowship Award

Graduate student Seung Wook Kim of the Krische Group is the recipient of a 2019 Korean American Society in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals (KASBP) Spring Fellowship. Every year at their Spring and Fall Symposiums, the KASBP Fellowship Committee awards fellowships to outstanding young research scientists who made a stellar contr...

Michael Krische Receives Ta-Shue Chou Lectureship Award

Professor Michael J. Krische is the 2019 Ta-Shue Chou Lectureship Award administered by the Chinese Chemical Society (Taipei). This lectureship award has been designated as a mid-career award to honor an international recipient with great success in the broad field of research empowered by organic chemistry. A list of prior recipients is given belo...

Hiroki Sato Finalist for Bader Award

Hiroki Sato, graduate student in the Krische Group, was a 2018 finalist for the Alfred R. Bader Award for Student Innovation. The Bader Award recognizes student chemists whose innovations have the potential to advance science today and spark progress well into the future. Sato, along this year's other finalists and grand prize awardee, pr...

Leyah Schwartz and Seung Wook Kim Awarded Summer Internships at Genentech

In connection with the Krische-Genentech collaboration on C-N bond formation, graduate students Leyah Schwartz and Seung Wook Kim of the Krische Group will be performing summer Internships at Genentech in San Francisco, California.

Krische-Genentech Collaboration on C-N Bond Formation

Professor Michael J. Krische and collaborators at Genentech have developed a highly enantioselective method for C-N bond formation. Krische’s signature π-allyliridium C,O-benzoates, which are commercially available and known to catalyze nucleophilic allyl acetate-mediated carbonyl allylation, are now shown to catalyze asymmetric electrophilic amina...

Krische Catalysis Research to Appear in Science

Professor Michael J. Krische and coworkers have developed a ruthenium catalyst that enables insertion of saturated C-H bonds of adjacent diol carbon atoms into C-C σ-bonds to form products of cycloaddition. These processes merge C-H and C-C bond activation, enabling convergent assembly of structural motifs evident in type II polyketides, broadening...

Zachary Kasun Awarded ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Fellowship

Graduate student Zachary Kasun of the Krische Group is a 2015-2016 recipient of the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Fellowship. The Division of Organic Chemistry annually awards fellowships to outstanding third and fourth year graduate students in organic chemistry. The program has awarded more than 300 fellowships since 1...

Michael Krische Receives Pedler Award

Congratulations to Professor Michael Krische, recipient of the 2015 Pedler Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Krische is recognized for pioneering novel powerful C-C coupling methodologies via transfer hydrogenation and their applications to elegant and highly efficient natural compound syntheses.

Emma McInturff and Chris Bates Finalists for 2013 Reaxys PhD Prizes

Congratulations to graduate students Emma McInturff (Krische Group) and Chris Bates (Willson Group) who have been selected as finalists for the 2013 Reaxys PhD Prizes. Out of over 580 submissions from 400 worldwide institutions, Emma and Chris were two of only 45 finalists. As finalists, they are invited to attend the Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry con...

Michael Krische Receives Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship

Professor Michael Krische has received a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowship to support a 2-week lecture tour in Japan. The JSPS fellowship program enables Japanese researchers to invite their foreign colleagues to Japan to participate in cooperative work and other academic activities.

Michael Krische wins Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award

Dr. Michael Krische has been awarded the Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award. The American Chemical Society Arthur C. Cope Award recognizes and encourages excellence in organic chemistry. The award consists of $5,000, a certificate, and a $40,000 unrestricted research grant. The recipient will deliver an awards address at the Arthur C. Cope Symposium. Ten...

Changxia Yuan and Yu Lu Receive Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad

Changxia Yuan and Yu Lu have been granted the 2011 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad by China Scholarship Council (CSC). This award was founded by the Chinese government in 2003 with the purpose of rewarding the academic excellence of self-financed Chinese students studying overseas. Only those with outstanding ...

Emma McInturff wins Aldrich Graduate Student Innovation Award

Sigma Aldrich has announced that Emma McInturff has been selected to receive a 2012 Aldrich Chemistry Graduate Student Innovation Award (GSIA).  The GSIA award consists of a monetary award to support the student’s research efforts and a travel allowance to attend a scientific meeting. Additionally, the awards program culminates with a symposiu...